Should You Try Male Enhancement Supplements?

happy-in-loveThere is a huge market for male enhancement supplements. It brings in hundreds of millions of dollars every year. It is an indication of our desire for sex and not just sex, but good sex. As men we want longer lasting, stronger orgasms.

Women too would like us to have this because it increases their pleasure also.

So it is no wonder that men are always looking for the next thing that can make them bigger, faster, longer lasting and give them a more explosive orgasm. It is a natural part of being human to want to enjoy the sexual experience as best as we can arrange it. It is unfortunate that so many companies take advantage of our natural urges.

warningScams everywhere

It is easy to get taken advantage of so do not feel bad if you have purchased a male enhancement product and found it does not work.

You are not alone.

There are a few products that actually work and thousands that do not work. It is easy for marketers to take advantage of us because our sex drive is a natural thing. It stays with us and can color how we think. Any man who is embarrassed by erectile dysfunction, or just orgasms that don’t last as long as he might like, is an easy mark.

Marketers for companies that sell most male enhancement know it is a matter of ego, pride and embarrassment and they will play on that to get your money. There is no shame in this for them, even if there should be, they do not care due to greed. Unfortunately for their customers, a lot of these companies that are scamming you have products with nasty side effects.

erection-problemsThe downside of male enhancement

It is always good to be aware of problems and side effects before they become a real problem for you. So let’s take a look at some of the side effects from some male enhancement pills.

Stress. Male enhancement pills will promote the flow of blood to the penis to help enhance the experience and this part is a good thing. Unfortunately the flow of blood may go many other places also and that can cause stress and pressure on your other organs and that is not good. If this continues too long it could be fatal.

Irregular heartbeats Many things that speeds up blood flow can cause problem with the heart since your blood is pumped from there.

Restlessness. You could feel twitchy, like you drank to much coffee or energy drinks. Your heart is pumping faster and your blood is flowing faster and that could cause the restlessness as well as irritability. That certainly won’t get you in the mood.

Seizures. Yes seizures are a side effect you should wonder about when choosing a male enhancement solution. To much blood pumping can cause to much activity through the whole body and the bodies reaction could be an overload of sorts.

How to protect yourself from dangerous scams

There is no reason to be too worried if you do your homework while investigating possible male enhancement so that you find the right ones that can work for you, safely. Firstly you should look for informed sources. Do not take any companies word on it. With the internet you can look anything up and there are many places you can check on products.


  • Look at ingredients, double check online reviews, especially those published on &
  • Always double check the FDA official site for any warnings they may have up.
  • Look for any guarantee and call their support before you order online.
  • Do not rely on e-mail, call them and speak with a real person. It is easier to detect a scam from a persons voice than it ever will be through e-mail.

How hard are they trying to sell you, do they brush off any possible health concerns as nothing to worry about?

Things like this will raise an alarm and you should listen to that alarm. Do not let your justifiable impatience for a better sexual experience hurt you. Stay patient and keep looking, you can find what you need.

Enjoy Stronger Orgasms by Lasting Longer in Bed

Have you ever wished you could have a longer lasting intercourse with your partner?

Do you enjoy for-play, but worry it is taking to much away from the intercourse, especially if you ejaculate to early?

enjoy-sexThese are worries and desires that most men have and why not? We all want the pleasure to last and be stronger for ourselves and our partners. Ejaculating early can also have a bad affect on a relationship, and if do you care about your partner, and want them to enjoy the experience to its fullness, it is embarrassing when you cum early. For some men fixing this issue is more than just for the sexual release, it is for your self esteem as well.

There are multiple ways that you can work towards longer, stronger intercourse. Most of these ways are learning some form of stronger control over when you cum.

Start stop technique. This can work in both fore-play and intercourse. Try to back off while involved in fore-play, let things calm down a little and them start it up again. If you can find a rhythm with this method you can find yourself getting better at it and that can increase the pleasure of your orgasms. Psychologically you are building anticipation and the longer you can hold out the stronger your homestretch will be.

sex-positionsChanging sex positions. Changing up your usual routine is a good way to make things last longer. If you are trying something unfamiliar to you it will take longer to work through it.

You often hear of couples spicing up their sexual relationships by trying different positions.

It is at least in part because they are lengthening the time they are spending together and enjoying longer lasting orgasms.

Taking your concentration away from the orgasm and focusing on a new position plus the technique you need to have with it will allow your penis to slow down its headlong rush to orgasm while you both will enjoy the new situation and experience.

Stop the intercourse and give her oral. She will enjoy it I assure you. One of the differences between men and women, when it comes to having sex, is that once men ejaculate it is mostly game over. Women however can have several, or multiple orgasms. So when guys slow down their own sexual journey for a moment and concentrate on her sexual enjoyment you both can gain from it. Especially when the man gets back in the game with his member, ready to go. As a guy, if you just concentrate on the moves you are making for her enjoyment, you can slow your hard on down, building further anticipation for when you continue intercourse. When you get good at holding off for a time your final release will be explosive and she will appreciate that too.

Practice with masturbation. You may think it sounds silly but this can reap huge rewards, pardon the pun. Intentionally masturbate but stop and relax before you orgasm. Then start again. Like anything you do physically in life, practice allows you to get better and learn how to hold off when engaged in sex with your partner.

sexual-stamina-tainingYou will learn how far to take it before cumming is unstoppable and not to go that far with your partner until you are both really ready for it. This will also, over time help you last longer as your penis gets used to holding out longer giving you much more versatility when it comes to your intercourse.

These are some of the more practical ways of learning to hold off and building your stamina so you can have a longer lasting intercourse with a stronger ejaculation at the end. The nice things about these methods is also that it will be fun to do. Your partner will be happy you are working on making your lovemaking better for them and you can count on a lot of fun along the way to your new sexual abilities.

Sinrex in Reviews

As far as male enhancement goes Sinrex is one of the most reliable products on the market today. When you read a Sinrex review you come away with a feeling that you know more about it than most male enhancement pills. sinrex-in-reviewThey are completely open about the ingredients and not all companies that market for this type of product do that.

It is refreshing to see a little honesty in a business where, as a customer, it is important. Enhancement products are health related and used for medicinal purposes so why wouldn’t we want a little honesty about the product.

Unfortunately most male enhancement products are marketed with something less than full honesty and disclosure.

The Unique 2 in 1 Formula

Sines claims to offer a two in one product. The ingredients provide nutritional supplements to improve sexual performance, as well as increased testosterone levels which can improve your sex drive.

Additionally the product contains antioxidants to combat free radicals and help to prevent cell damage that could interfere with your health and sexual activity. It has a good impact on several bodily functions and could be why when you read …, it will usually be a glowing review.

What is in it

  • Creatine- This helps bring energy to nerve and muscle cells
  • Gino Biloba- Helps with blood flow that supports sexual activities.
  • Cuscuta- This is a Chinese herb that has been used for centuries to help with impotence and general good health
  • Hawthorne Berries- This is prescribed for increased blood flow and improved erections
  • Epimediumsagittatum- This herb is heralded as one of natures most powerful aphrodisiacs. It improves blood flow and causes more powerful erections with the better blood flow.
  • Copper Chelate- This nutrient is one of the most abundant mineral in the our bodies. This is one of the ingredients in Sinrex that helps fight free radicals in our system.

It seems obvious why when you are reading a Sinrex review you see a lot of praise for the all natural ingredients. In today’s world where unnamed chemicals are in everything, it is reassuring that Sinrex makes no effort to hide what they put in their product. Science has discovered more and more physical aliments that can be traced to unknown chemicals, or even the ones on the label, that many companies put into their products. Sinrex takes that worry away from your decision on which male enhancement pill to consider.

How it works

Sinrex is used by many to treat their erection problems. One of the active ingredients in Sinrex is all natural in comparison. What it does is improve circulation and blood flow. This can be crucial when getting and maintaining a strong erection. It also raises the testosterone levels which also are incredibly important to a mans sex drive, as mentioned above.

doctor-approvedSafety first

As with all medicines you may take (and that is what male enhancement products are) you want to be careful to not exceed the recommended dosage. Which in the case of Sinrex is maximum of twice daily. Over doing it with any medication can bring side effects and the biggest side effect reported for Sinrex is allergic reactions to some of the herbs.

Also if you are taking other medications you will want to consult your doctor to make sure it is right for you. Mixing medications can be dangerous, so it can not be stressed enough that you want to be careful of anything extra you are adding to your system. If you are free of other medications than if you stick to the recommended dosage you should be fine. If it turns out you are allergic to any of the ingredients, there are other male enhancements you can try.

Final praise

In the world we live in corporate greed is running rampant and it is hard for consumers to catch a break. Sinrex is different from many companies in that their guarantee is a pretty comprehensive one. It is a six month guarantee and when you read a Sinrex review you will see how excited their customers are over such a testament to their product. A company has to have few worries about their product to offer something as iron clad as Sinrex does.

Sinrex vs. Vimax Pills

There are many male enhancement pills on the market today. They all make similar claims about how great their product is for a mans sex life. It is an easy marketing ploy because a mans sexual virility is tied up in his ego and self esteem.

Unfortunately male enhancement companies can and will say anything they think will bring your money to their door. Let’s take a look at two of the more popular and well known pills on the market to see how they stack up together. Like anything used as a medicine, whether classified that way or not, it is best to know as much as you can when choosing.

vimax-pillsVimax pills

Vimax advertises that they have over one million served. If true, that is a pretty impressive statistic and bottom line for them. Their advertisements claim to use “only the highest quality ingredients” also that their product “does not have any side effects.” That last part I find difficult to believe for the simple fact that every persons body reacts differently to different things.

Some people may have problems with the vitamin E in the mixture because they are allergic. Or the hawthorn in the mixture which is known to react badly with different heart and blood pressure medication. We all have a different metabolism so claiming “no side effects” is a bit of a stretch for any product for male enhancement. Or any product you take internally. If you have any concerns at all, consult your doctor about the ingredients before you purchase.

If your doctor has questions for you about the amount of each ingredient you may have a snag. Vimax is a proprietary blend. This means they do not tell you how much of each ingredient is in it. Not letting you know what is in great tasting soup is one thing, but hiding the mixture of what is in the pills they are selling makes some people nervous.

It was also recently discovered that the FDA has a warning out about Vimax saying that they will not reveal a hidden ingredient in their pills. So if you are particular about what you put in your body, you will not be able to be sure with Vimax.

Finally, Vimax does have a 60 day guarantee although according to many reviews it is difficult to get anyone’s attention to get your money back, so it could take some time. Also beware of counterfeit Vimax. It is being counterfeited and Vimax has a site you can go to enter the serial number to make sure it is Vimax.

sinrex-pillsSinrex penis pills

Sinrex does not seem to have the same hang ups that are plaguing Vimax. A Sinrex review is usually of the positive nature from people who have used it and found it helpful. There are, as with any product, those it did not help. No product can be condemned for some bad reviews, all products get them, but Sinrex had a very good record of satisfied customers and that is always a good sign.

Sinrex is completely open about what is in their male enhancement pills. You can find any information you need and that is reassuring in these days. So unlike Vimax, you can find out how much, as well as exactly what is in the pills you might take. Also the ingredients all have a history of helping with male enhancement.

Many of Vimax ingredients are healthy, but don’t have anything to do with increasing your erection or sexual performance. Sinrex ingredients are both healthy for your sex drive and erections, as well as other regular health and wellness needs. There is a possibility of allergic reaction to some of the ingredients so it is always good to know what is in there and if you have concerns talk to your doctor.


Vimax has their 2 month guarantee and Sinrex has a six month guarantee. That is serious confidence in the product they sell if they are willing to give you your money back after that much time.

awardThat is the biggest difference.

Sinrex has the look and feel of a company who is confident in their product. Information about the ingredient, no problem. One of the biggest guarantee’s in the business, they have that too. Nothing hidden and all out front.

Vimax is anything hut open about their product. Between that and their problem with counterfeiters makes Vimax a risky investment for my money.

If I had to choose for myself it would be Sinrex due to their openness, good reviews and no flag with the FDA.

Reference: Public Notification: Vimax Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient

Tips and Tricks to Help you Cum More

There’s something eminently satisfying about blowing an epic load and the mind-shattering orgasm that comes with it. Unfortunately, for many men, that can be difficult or impossible to achieve. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you cum more and find those earth-shaking orgasms that you’ve been dreaming of.

are-you-readyIf You Want To Cum More Sperm You Should Drink More Water!

Your ejaculate fluid is made up of 96% water.

If your body is dehydrated, you won’t produce enough fluid to enjoy even a decent ejaculation, let alone a mind shattering one.

Most nutritionist recommends drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water per day.

And no, coffee, soda, and other drinks don’t count, and some drinks that include caffeine can even dehydrate you even further.

Take Supplements

Normal vitamin and mineral supplements can be an easy over the counter way to cum more, without needing a trip to the doctor. Studies have shown that taking 1mg of folic acid in conjunction with 15mg of zinc sulfate can help to increase sperm count by up to 74%.   To accommodate this higher sperm count, your body will start to produce more ejaculate fluid. More fluid means you cum more, as simple as that.

Take Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential for building the protein chains that make up the human body. This includes the chains that make up sperm. Taking L-Arginine, L-Lysine, and L-Carnitine together have been proven to help increase sperm count, especially when taken in conjunction with the supplements that have already been mentioned.

Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium, more commonly known as Horny Goat Weed, is a natural herb that has long been marketed as pill to help you cum more and have more powerful orgasms.

There are no studies to support the use of this herb currently, but it is still popular because of its alleged properties. According to commentary from regular users, this herb helps to increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger, longer orgasms.

Cum More Pills

If you’re looking for something to help you cum more, but don’t want to take half a dozen cup of tea every day, look into a pill that contains all of the aforementioned ingredients.

Make sure you check the ingredients before you start taking any of these pills, though.

First, you need to make sure that the ingredients are present in the correct amounts, to achieve maximum effectiveness. Second, you need to make sure that there are not any other ingredients in the pills. Some cum more pills have been known to add ingredients that could cause negative reactions in some people.


If you’re looking for a way to increase enacualtion volume and cum more sperm, these are clinically proven ways to achieve that end. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a more powerful orgasm, or just want to blow a porn-star style load, then you’re in the right place. Just be patient, because these solutions won’t solve your problems overnight. Taken regularly though, these cum more pills will get you where you want to be.

Watch now: How To Cum Like A Porn Star…

Are Dick Pills Worth a Try?

Anyone who’s watched late night television infomercials or walked into a gas station has seen dick pills, or pills that help with erection problems, advertised and sold by the dozen. Are they really worth the money that these companies are asking for them, or are they this century’s version of snake oil?

What Can’t They Do?

No matter how many miracles they promise, there are a few things that these pills cannot do.

  • Dick pills cannot increase penis size. It may seem that way when the penis is erect. The increase in blood flow causes the penis to become harder, and may make it seem larger, but it is just an optical illusion. There is no quick way to increase penis size, and most of the ways that do work require painful and invasive surgery.
  • Dick pills cannot solve premature ejaculation problems. These can occur for a variety of reasons, and many may require a trip to the doctor. The pills can help you get a harder erection, but they won’t help your endurance.

dick-pills-effectWhat Can They Do?

Dick pills are designed to increase the blood flow to the penis, which will in turn cause a harder and more powerful erection. They are usually taken for erectile dysfunction issues, though they can be taken simply to increase performance.

Prescription vs. Natural

Prescription pills are designed to be prescribed by a doctor and should only be taken while under a doctor’s care. These medications can have side effects if taken when un-monitored, but are generally effective for most users.

Natural supplements, on the other hand, have not been studied enough to provide a definitive answer as to whether they are effective treatments for erection problems, though there is a large amount of anecdotal evidence and personal testimonies. The most common supplements that are recommended for erectile dysfunctions are DHEA, L-Arginine, and Ginseng. Some people have reported mild side effects and interactions. L-Arginine should not, under any circumstances, be taken in conjunction with prescription pills.

Be Wary

If you look into natural dick pills, be careful. While there are some good and effective pills on the market, take care to avoid any supplements that contain the following things:

  • Pills that are labeled in any language other than English, because it can be impossible to know what the pills contain.
  • Pills crafted or packaged in China, since many contain black market ingredients that isn’t properly labeled or declared.
  • Anything that claims to be ‘secret formula’ because it is often cut with dangerous amounts of prescription medications.


Overall, whether prescription or natural, dick pills are an effective way to increase the strength and hardness of your erection, and in turn increase the enjoyment you feel in your sex life. If you’re having erection problems, talk to your doctor and see if a prescription or natural pill would be the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Bigger Ejaculate Volume

Do you wonder if the amount of sperm your body produces is related to the sexual pleasure you experience during the ejaculation?

Not much more is talked about this, though. Not in depth anyway.

So most men do not consider the amount of sperm to be that important when it comes to their sexual experience. Fortunately more is being discovered and talked about when it comes to the benefits of sperm production and there are many benefits.

better-sexHow This Works

Your body needs to ejaculate the sperm it produces.

Since this is the case, more sperm production increases your sex drive so that your body can release the sperm.

It is a natural process and because your body can’t ejaculate without a hard erection you get one, have sex and cum. Then it begins producing more sperm and the circle continues. It is a direct connection between your desire for sex, the erection hardness and sperm production.

This is called fertility and is the answer to why some men are more attractive to women than others. The fertility is what makes sense to women even if they don’t realize it.

You know…

your body produces pheromones that attract the opposite sex.

So to make girls want to have more sex with you, the pheromones in your body need a boost and one of the good ways to do this is by helping your body to produce more sperm, naturally.

There are many ways that can help with this as well as just having more sex, or ejaculations. The more you ejaculate, the more sperm you produce and the more pheromones you let out.

The Benefits

  • Increased sex drive: So your body can release the built up sperm, making room for more.
  • Harder Erection: The more sperm your body produces the more full your penis will become in an erection so that it can release it.
  • Bigger ejaculations: This is obvious because there is more sperm to release.
  • Longer lasting orgasms: Your orgasms will last longer because they last as long as you are releasing cum. The more cum the bigger and longer the orgasms.
  • Increased sex drive: A man’s body is built to release pent up sperm, that is what the sex drive is all about. It started for procreation but it is useful to know for the sexual experience. The more you produce the more sex you will desire.

What this all means

Let’s say you eat healthier and take some sperm boosting supplements.


now your body will be producing more sperm and your desire for sex naturally goes up.

You will see a woman you are interested in, maybe its her walk, her boobs, whatever it is she will know you are interested.

They know these things, whether that too is a product of the pheromones or something else, is not really as important as that they will know. sexual-attraction

As men, we are not that subtle about these things and even if we were, you all know the cat would be out of the bag as soon as she noticing you looking at her.

As subtle as women can be about their interests, they will respond more to your pheromone and interest than just your interest.

The end result is that your pheromones can trigger their desire and will create a combined interest between you.

Now, if the pheromones are strong enough based on your drive and sperm production she will feel it and her body and drive will be triggered and your chance of getting lucky with this woman you are so attracted to goes up significantly.

Then when you do get down to it and have sex your mutual sexual satisfaction will be bigger which also helps in building and maintaining sexual desire in a long-term relationship leading to a mind blowing sexual experience.