Sinrex vs. Vimax Pills

There are many male enhancement pills on the market today. They all make similar claims about how great their product is for a mans sex life. It is an easy marketing ploy because a mans sexual virility is tied up in his ego and self esteem.

Unfortunately male enhancement companies can and will say anything they think will bring your money to their door. Let’s take a look at two of the more popular and well known pills on the market to see how they stack up together. Like anything used as a medicine, whether classified that way or not, it is best to know as much as you can when choosing.

vimax-pillsVimax pills

Vimax advertises that they have over one million served. If true, that is a pretty impressive statistic and bottom line for them. Their advertisements claim to use “only the highest quality ingredients” also that their product “does not have any side effects.” That last part I find difficult to believe for the simple fact that every persons body reacts differently to different things.

Some people may have problems with the vitamin E in the mixture because they are allergic. Or the hawthorn in the mixture which is known to react badly with different heart and blood pressure medication. We all have a different metabolism so claiming “no side effects” is a bit of a stretch for any product for male enhancement. Or any product you take internally. If you have any concerns at all, consult your doctor about the ingredients before you purchase.

If your doctor has questions for you about the amount of each ingredient you may have a snag. Vimax is a proprietary blend. This means they do not tell you how much of each ingredient is in it. Not letting you know what is in great tasting soup is one thing, but hiding the mixture of what is in the pills they are selling makes some people nervous.

It was also recently discovered that the FDA has a warning out about Vimax saying that they will not reveal a hidden ingredient in their pills. So if you are particular about what you put in your body, you will not be able to be sure with Vimax.

Finally, Vimax does have a 60 day guarantee although according to many reviews it is difficult to get anyone’s attention to get your money back, so it could take some time. Also beware of counterfeit Vimax. It is being counterfeited and Vimax has a site you can go to enter the serial number to make sure it is Vimax.

sinrex-pillsSinrex penis pills

Sinrex does not seem to have the same hang ups that are plaguing Vimax. A Sinrex review is usually of the positive nature from people who have used it and found it helpful. There are, as with any product, those it did not help. No product can be condemned for some bad reviews, all products get them, but Sinrex had a very good record of satisfied customers and that is always a good sign.

Sinrex is completely open about what is in their male enhancement pills. You can find any information you need and that is reassuring in these days. So unlike Vimax, you can find out how much, as well as exactly what is in the pills you might take. Also the ingredients all have a history of helping with male enhancement.

Many of Vimax ingredients are healthy, but don’t have anything to do with increasing your erection or sexual performance. Sinrex ingredients are both healthy for your sex drive and erections, as well as other regular health and wellness needs. There is a possibility of allergic reaction to some of the ingredients so it is always good to know what is in there and if you have concerns talk to your doctor.


Vimax has their 2 month guarantee and Sinrex has a six month guarantee. That is serious confidence in the product they sell if they are willing to give you your money back after that much time.

awardThat is the biggest difference.

Sinrex has the look and feel of a company who is confident in their product. Information about the ingredient, no problem. One of the biggest guarantee’s in the business, they have that too. Nothing hidden and all out front.

Vimax is anything hut open about their product. Between that and their problem with counterfeiters makes Vimax a risky investment for my money.

If I had to choose for myself it would be Sinrex due to their openness, good reviews and no flag with the FDA.

Reference: Public Notification: Vimax Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient