Enjoy Stronger Orgasms by Lasting Longer in Bed

Have you ever wished you could have a longer lasting intercourse with your partner?

Do you enjoy for-play, but worry it is taking to much away from the intercourse, especially if you ejaculate to early?

enjoy-sexThese are worries and desires that most men have and why not? We all want the pleasure to last and be stronger for ourselves and our partners. Ejaculating early can also have a bad affect on a relationship, and if do you care about your partner, and want them to enjoy the experience to its fullness, it is embarrassing when you cum early. For some men fixing this issue is more than just for the sexual release, it is for your self esteem as well.

There are multiple ways that you can work towards longer, stronger intercourse. Most of these ways are learning some form of stronger control over when you cum.

Start stop technique. This can work in both fore-play and intercourse. Try to back off while involved in fore-play, let things calm down a little and them start it up again. If you can find a rhythm with this method you can find yourself getting better at it and that can increase the pleasure of your orgasms. Psychologically you are building anticipation and the longer you can hold out the stronger your homestretch will be.

sex-positionsChanging sex positions. Changing up your usual routine is a good way to make things last longer. If you are trying something unfamiliar to you it will take longer to work through it.

You often hear of couples spicing up their sexual relationships by trying different positions.

It is at least in part because they are lengthening the time they are spending together and enjoying longer lasting orgasms.

Taking your concentration away from the orgasm and focusing on a new position plus the technique you need to have with it will allow your penis to slow down its headlong rush to orgasm while you both will enjoy the new situation and experience.

Stop the intercourse and give her oral. She will enjoy it I assure you. One of the differences between men and women, when it comes to having sex, is that once men ejaculate it is mostly game over. Women however can have several, or multiple orgasms. So when guys slow down their own sexual journey for a moment and concentrate on her sexual enjoyment you both can gain from it. Especially when the man gets back in the game with his member, ready to go. As a guy, if you just concentrate on the moves you are making for her enjoyment, you can slow your hard on down, building further anticipation for when you continue intercourse. When you get good at holding off for a time your final release will be explosive and she will appreciate that too.

Practice with masturbation. You may think it sounds silly but this can reap huge rewards, pardon the pun. Intentionally masturbate but stop and relax before you orgasm. Then start again. Like anything you do physically in life, practice allows you to get better and learn how to hold off when engaged in sex with your partner.

sexual-stamina-tainingYou will learn how far to take it before cumming is unstoppable and not to go that far with your partner until you are both really ready for it. This will also, over time help you last longer as your penis gets used to holding out longer giving you much more versatility when it comes to your intercourse.

These are some of the more practical ways of learning to hold off and building your stamina so you can have a longer lasting intercourse with a stronger ejaculation at the end. The nice things about these methods is also that it will be fun to do. Your partner will be happy you are working on making your lovemaking better for them and you can count on a lot of fun along the way to your new sexual abilities.