The Benefits of Bigger Ejaculate Volume

The problems with trying to convince men that more sperm causes longer stronger orgasms is that we have, since early science classes, been taught that sperm is that which helps create a baby. Not much more is talked about really. Not in depth anyway.

So most men do not consider the amount of sperm to be that important when it comes to their sexual experience. Fortunately more is being discovered and talked about when it comes to the benefits of sperm production and there are many benefits.

better-sexHow This Works

Your body needs to ejaculate the sperm it produces. Since this is the case, more sperm production increases your sex drive so that your body can release the sperm. It is a natural process and because your body can’t ejaculate without a hard erection you get one, have sex and cum. Then it begins producing more sperm and the circle continues. It is a direct connection between your desire for sex, the erection hardness and sperm production. This is called fertility and is the answer to why some men are more attractive to women than others. The fertility is what makes sense to women even if they don’t realize it.

Your body produces pheromones that attract the opposite sex. So to make girls want to have more sex with you, the pheromones in your body need a boost and one of the good ways to do this is by helping your body to produce more sperm, naturally. There are many supplements that can help with this as well as just having more sex, or ejaculations. The more you ejaculate, the more sperm you produce and the more pheromones you let out.

The Benefits

  • Increased sex drive: So your body can release the built up sperm, making room for more.
  • Harder Erection: The more sperm your body produces the more full your penis will become in an erection so that it can release it.
  • Bigger ejaculations: This is obvious because there is more sperm to release.
  • Longer lasting orgasms: Your orgasms will last longer because they last as long as you are releasing cum. The more cum the bigger and longer the orgasms.
  • Increased sex drive: A man’s body is built to release pent up sperm, that is what the sex drive is all about. It started for procreation but it is useful to know for the sexual experience. The more you produce the more sex you will desire.

What this all means

Let’s say you eat healthier and take some sperm boosting supplements. Great, now your body will be producing more sperm and your desire for sex naturally goes up. You will see a woman you are interested in, maybe its her walk, her boobs, whatever it is she will know you are interested. They know these things, whether that too is a product of the pheromones or something else, is not really as important as that they will know. sexual-attractionAs men, we are not that subtle about these things and even if we were, you all know the cat would be out of the bag as soon as she noticing you looking at her. As subtle as women can be about their interests, they will respond more to your pheromone and interest than just your interest. Your pheromones can trigger their pheromones and will create a combined interest between you.

Now, if the pheromones are strong enough based on your drive and sperm production she will feel it and her body and drive will be triggered and your chance of getting lucky with this woman you are so attracted to goes up significantly. Then when you do get down to it and have sex your ejaculations will be bigger which also makes your penis bigger when it engorges, so both of you will have a mind blowing sexual experience.